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Tips to please a Kisii woman

Dennis Chacha
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Women from Kisii region should not be taken for granted in a love relationship, Monica Ombati, a 72-year-old woman from Bonyando village in Kisii County has said. 

She said men dating Kisii ladies should embrace the following to please a woman for the sake of making the love to last long. 

1. Do not play a Kisii woman

As a man dating a Kisii lady, don't make a mistake of having an affair with another woman because this will make any Kisii lady angry at you hence lose trust in the relationship. 

2. Do not flirt with other women

A Kisii lady will lose faith in a man who flirts with other women apart from her. It is recommended that when dating a Kisii lady a man should avoid associating with other women in a manner that is sexually suggestive. 

3. Don’t lie to her

Never lie to a Kisii lady especially by telling her about other ladies and cheating her on how you two are related to them. Always be truthful to her. 

4. Do not force her into sex 

Always sweet talk a Kisii lady before going to bed with her. Don't rush to have sex with her. 

5. Help her 

Any Kisii lady loves a man who can help her to house activities.

Mrs. Ombati said any man who observes the above, his love with a Kisii lady is likely to be strong. 


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