An Anglican Church of Kenya (ACK) bishop in Muranga County has banned politicians from giving speeches in area churches after a row erupted in the church on Sunday.

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Bishop Julius Karanu who is in charge of the ACK Diocese of South Muranga has linked the move to Kiambu Woman Representative Gathoni Wamuchomba's heckling at the ACK Mairungi Church by congregants.

Wamuchomba who was in the company of other MPs allied to the Kieleweke group landed in trouble after she took jabs at area MP Alice Wahome.

Karanu on Tuesday termed the incident as embarrassing, adding that politicians will no longer be allowed to speak in area churches and will have to do it outside if they have to.

“The Anglican Church is guided by statutes and we feel that by disregarding the church norms, the move may discourage Christians who may have come to the church expectant of blessings and encouragement. To prevent a repeat of what happened on Sunday, I have directed that no politician will be given airtime in church and if they must address the faithful, let them do so outside the church when the service is over,” said Karanu.

He also fired shots at Wamuchomba for using abusive language against Wahome and taking their enmity to the church where congregants had gone for spiritual uplifting.

The preacher argued that the remarks were made in the wrong place, considering that Wamuchomba was responding to the MP's remarks which were made in Kiambu.

“The woman representative chose to respond to Kandara MP Alice Wahome over an issue she allegedly talked about while in Kiambu County where the church followers were not present and this is an abuse of an opportunity since it was the wrong forum to respond to the MP," he added.

He added that the priest in charge of the church has also been summoned to offer explanations on what exactly transpired.