Nairobi County governor Mike Mbuvi Sonko came out on Wednesday to reveal why he used an American accent during the Blue Economy meeting that ended yesterday. 

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In a video he posted on his Facebook account, the flamboyant city boss indicated that he had to tweng in his welcoming speech like the International guests to make them happy. 

He captioned the video: “Mgeni siku ya kwanza, mpe mchele na panza, rice with flying fish. mtilie kifuani, embrace him,. mkaribishe ... Asanteni sana more so Uhuru Kenyarra.”

“Kwa niaba ya serikali ya Kenya, kwa niaba ya rais Kenyatta, not Kenyaraaa, because wageni wetu wemeenda. Kuna lugha tunatumia kukaribisha International communities, wageni kutoka nchi mbali mbali, hao huwa wanafurahi tukitweng kama hao,” said Sonko.  

The Blue Economy meeting was about how countries can use their water sources like oceans, lakes, seas and rivers to improve their people’s lives, grow their economy and also create employment opportunities for their people. 

It should be remembered that Sonko is not the first Kenyan politician to copy an accent during his speech. 

President Uhuru Kenyatta while meeting the US President Donald Trump at the White House, used a strong American accent that made Kenyans proud.