A video showing Nairobi governor Mike Sonko chewing miraa has emerged online.

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Sonko filmed himself while chewing a bunch of miraa. He also used the moment to engage with his online followers and even went further to reward others with cash.

At one point, the governor promises to clear a medical bill for one follower who requested him to stretch his hand of aid. He gave out his mobile phone number to the fan and promised to clear the bill the following day.

"Send your details to the phone number above, after mingling with my fans I will be sending you some cash my people, It won't be something big, am not financially fine at the current time, I will only be sending you at most Sh2,000," said Sonko in the video.

It is not the first time for the flamboyant county boss to film himself while doing his own kinds of stuff that are not related to his roles as a governor. 

On several occasions has been sharing live videos at different functions and places.

Last week, one of his controversial videos emerged online. 

In the video, he filmed himself while in Dubai shopping for his wife in one of the expensive cosmetic and jewellery shops where he bought and paid in cash a chain worth Sh4.3 million.

Here is the miraa video.