Being a father does not always mean having children only, but also being a great mentor to them.

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Cultural practices do align man to man mentorship and lady-lady leadership. Therefore, daddy does play a major role in the upbringing of the boy child in society.

Being a father and a role model to your son, requires you to always consider age bracket of your son to the society and what he should know as the society depicts.

Here are some of the tips that will make you  a considerate good father to your son;

1.  Be open 

Always learn to open up to your son, so that he can also open up his self to you. When he does so, it will be so easy for you to teach him good morals and warn him whenever he is about to make a wrong decision.

2.  Be motivative

Always be number one, in encouraging your son whenever he achieves in what he likes and also in schooling. This will raise his spirit to achieve more and building a stronger bond between you.

3. Always create time for him

Having some scheduled time with your son for having fun, for example, playing hockey together, will always build love and trust between the two of you.