Former Kiambu Governor William Kabogo has in the past few days come out to defend Deputy President William Ruto against accusations of corruption being levelled against him.

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Kabogo argues that DP Ruto should not be held accountable for wrongs committed by those associated with him.

"If a minister steals why do we say it’s Ruto. Let Ruto carry his cross for what he himself has stolen but not what Kalenjin ministers or others have stolen. And if those who steal do it for him then they’re foolish," Kabogo tweeted on Sunday.

Kabogo and Ruto have not been in very good political terms since the former accused the latter of manipulating the Jubilee Party primaries in the run-up to the 2017 general election to ensure strong candidates from Mt Kenya region were edged out.

That said, why would Kabogo a seemingly sworn political adversary of Ruto turn around and come to his defence?

1. Ruto is under siege. Despite exhibiting a strong fighting spirit, Ruto is almost cornered by the litany of corruption accusations that keep being thrown his way every now and then.

When he decides to defend himself it becomes like spraying gasoline to put off a bonfire. When he decides to keep quiet, everyone wants to hear what he has got to say on this or that particular scandal. In such a predicament, it can only be wise for Kabogo to offer the DP a shoulder to lean on. 

2. Kabogo is known to swim against the tide when it comes to political matters. They say you become relevant or maintain relevance by playing the game differently.

When everybody else is headed west, go towards east. That way you are seen not to 'jump with common spirits', as Playwright William Shakespeare would put it.

Now that almost everybody is 'stoning' Ruto, of what essence, impact or value would it be to Kabogo to also join the others in doing so? However, there is value and political capital to be made in doing the opposite.

Do you remember what almost everybody else was saying when Kabogo said that Mt Kenya support for Ruto's 2022 presidential bid wasn't guaranteed?

3. Kabogo could be warming up to Ruto ahead of 2022

Kabogo being among those who are seen as likely successors of President Uhuru Kenyatta as Central region kingpin could be positioning himself for a future political alliance with Ruto amid fast crumbling Jubilee fortunes in the region. As they say, there are no permanent adversaries or friends in politics.