The Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Nordin Haji has lately become a threat to individuals engaging in corruption.

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DPP Haji has touched even the 'untouchables' creating an impression of a fearless citizen devoted to wiping out corruption in Kenya.

 And even as the war against corruption keeps gaining momentum, Haji has severally been asked to investigate and prosecute DP Ruto over the alleged loss of billions in dam scandals.

But just as was the case with the International Criminal Court (ICC),  any serving president together with his deputy may never be arrested or even be prosecuted since they enjoy immunity solely by virtue of their elective and powerful positions.

This, therefore, makes the calls to DPP Haji and DCI Kinoti to axe Ruto an impractical. 

This is because the Deputy President is second in command, and therefore his absence would create a power vacuum in the case that the President is unable to perform his duties for some reasons.

Secondly, it is a fact that a junior cannot dare arrest his boss on whichever circumstance. 

And with regard to this alone, any police officer of any rank cannot attempt to arrest a president or even his deputy not unless in an attempted coup.