(Kennedy Mong'are Okong'o was the first Nyamira Senator. He is also the National Liberal Party leader)

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The current mess of a bloated workforce in Nyamira County squarely rests at the doorstep of the County's Chief Executive and the governor, John Nyagarama.

Any move to play wolf must be resisted by all and sundry in Nyamira and the governor must take full responsibility and if he has any iota of dignity left, the only remaining option for him is to resign.

As the immediate former Senator of the county, I admonished the governor and his incompetent regime from 2014-15 and 2016 but my oversight calls went unheeded. Now, the chickens have come home to roost. 

Who is the first to cry ‘Mr clean'; the chief accounting officer himself who wants to sacrifice the 'errand boys and girls’?'

Governor Nyagarama is a beneficiary of the bloated workforce which he used to rig himself the second term. The so-called county government askaris, who incidentally contributed the largest number of the ghost workers did their donkey work in the last elections and as the Swahili adage goes 'asante ya punda ni mateke'; the governor is now pretending to clean shop.

Irregular job promotions and manipulation of the payroll was done under the instructions of the incompetent county executive who did not have a moral voice nor mercy for the people of Nyamira.

The Nyamira electorate deserves better. Primary healthcare, water, and roads are the basic requirements in the county infrastructure and not the shenanigans that are there under the current regime.