Below is a confession from a lady who went through abortion that nearly took her life:

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I have never wanted to talk about this since I feel guilty when I see a woman nursing her baby. It harrows me but I must confess.

My second abortion was hell. I was given two pills to insert in my vagina and the other two to swallow. 

At night I bled and thought it was a done deal but after two weeks I realized that I was still pregnant. I was given some two more pills to swallow and some to insert for the second round but is still failed.

For the third round, I was taken to a certain man who owned a chemist. He inserted them himself and gave me others to swallow. I started shivering out of the cold. I immediately started bleeding on my way back home although it was not that much.

I went back to another clinic at night where I was given an injection to regulate the blood flow. 

The following day I felt better and I thought all was in order. After two days all hell broke loose. I was in severe pain in what felt like crumps. It was really paining. I have never been to such pain in my whole life.

It was too much and my mother had to call for a tax and was taken to hospital. After all, procedures were done, I was directed to theatre for surgery. Everybody in my neighborhood knew what happened.