The most dreaded and feared month ‘Njaanuary’ is once again with us.

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Nairobi residents fear and hate 'Njaanuary' because of the financial ‘dryness’ it comes with.

City dwellers devise various tactics to survive the hard times. 

As majority of city dwellers struggle to survive, here are profitable ventures you can start and make a lot of profit this Njaanuary.

1. Bottled water

 It is one of the booming business owing to the fact that Nairobi is experiencing a dry and hot weather.

You can get bottled water direct from the producers at discount prices and sale to make good profit.

The bottled water can be hawked in PSV matatus, streets and social places.

2. Second-hand books

 It is back-to-school for students and parents are rushing to get learning material like books.

You can venture into second-hand books and sell at a profit.

3. Second-hand clothes 

Some city dwellers prefer buying second hand clothes at this time.

You can invest in second hand clothes especially for women ad children and make good profit.

4. Fruit salad and juice

With the hot and dry weather, Nairobians are likely to consume more fruit juice and salads.

You can set a joint along the road and blend fruit juices.

You might however need a health clearance from the county government on this venture.

5. Handkerchiefs

 It is among the booming business ventures in the city.

With the dry and dusty weather, Nairobians will certainly need handkerchiefs.

You can hawk the handkerchiefs in PSV matatus, streets and social places.