Coast human rights group Muslim for Human Rights (Muhuri) has declared its support for the recent regeneration of Mama Ngina Drive into a world class recreational facility to attract tourists.

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Flanked by Opposition leader Raila Odinga and Governor Ali Hassan Joho, President Uhuru Kenyatta commissioned the project which will see the ground turned into a waterfront. 

Muhuri said the move is a great win against land grabbers and a clear indication that persistence pays. 

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"We support this initiative by the national government in partnership with the county government of Mombasa and are proud for the contribution that our leadership and organization at large has given to the protection of Mama Ngina Drive against land grabbers over the years," Muhuri said in a statement on Thursday morning.

The Khelef Khalifa-led organisation cited over two decades ago where, Mama Ngina Drive in Mombasa was grabbed by private investors despite it being public land. 

"At the time under the rule of retired President Daniel Arap Moi, it was largely considered foolhardy for anyone to purport to oppose anything that had the blessings of the Presidency."

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Despite this harsh reality, Muhuri said, its board chair, Khelef Khalifa was among the vocal human rights defenders that stood ground insisting that public land was not going to be gifted as rewards for political allegiance.

 "Given the harsh realities of the time, Mr. Khalifa was branded many names being dismissed as trying to empty an ocean with a spoon."

The organisation expressed optimism that upon its completion, the facility will contribute to the growth of Mombasa and its people.

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"We hope that this facility once completed, will contribute considerably to the growth of the local economy of the people of Mombasa and provide them with a facility to be proud of," read the statement in part.