The vehicle in the Likoni ferry tragedy has been recovered

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The car was recovered on Wednesday after divers intensified their search following the tragic incident.  

The divers had earmarked only four spots until Wednesday morning. 

The new development is a major breakthrough for the government as efforts to recover the bodies of the woman and daughter who disappeared gain momentum.

By Tuesday no equipment had been availed to help in the retrieval of the bodies of Mariam Kighenda and her daughter Amanda Mutheu.

The government spokesman Cyrus Oguna had earlier indicated that the officers were working on 14 spots before they narrowed down to four. A source had told Daily Nation that the divers had searched the four areas before the discovery was made.

“The divers had checked on two [of the locations] which gave negative results. On Thursday, they were working to see how they could get on the other two, which were a bit deeper,” Nation was told.

The areas of search for the bodies of the missing Kenyans are marked at 57 metres, 47 metres, 37 metres and 27 metres deep.

The involvement of South African divers in the search process had raised questions on Kenya’s disaster preparedness.