A Jubilee party nominated senator has been condemned online for allegedly 'shaking her buttocks' in a video which surfaced online on Wednesday. 

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Millicent Omanga was captured in a video while at a radio interview after which she shared the video on her Facebook timeline. 

The video sparked a debate online with her followers condemning her. 

"Am convinced now that we don't need only cat walk but hippopotamus walk also," Ombati Aruya wrote.

Brian Ogeto reacted;  "Sema tu unataka tuone matako zako ati favorite musician nkt! Alafu umenona kila mahali!"

James Makori said; "Looks good until you see that' haga' without clothes. I am drunk guys, don't judge me...drunks have a way of talking the truth."

Another user Jacob Bogonko said; "Ukinipea mimi...#mission_impossible ....halafu wazir chacha hakuona hii😎😎😎."

However a section of her followers defended her saying she has a right of freedom and expression.

"Some comments though.. Respect her please..shes a married woman.. Wengine wanasema wamemwaga!!! Umemwaga nini honestly.. Makamasi ama mukimo??"

Mosaka Calvin wrote saying; "Millicent omanga I admire you hakuna haja nkufiche you so gorgeous."

To watch the video click the link; https://www.facebook.com/msupanaworks/videos/1134905403354695/