Kwangwaru hitmaker Harmonize is one of the most famous artists in Mombasa County. His fame in the Coastal region is not only useful for himself, but also for bodaboda riders.

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Harmonize who was introduced to the celebrity world by his Wasafi Classic Baby (WCB) boss, Diamond Platnumz, has never failed to impress in his musical career, releasing song after song, with 'Kwangwaru' and 'Bado' in which he featured Diamond Platnumz, being the most loved songs in the Coastal region.

You might be wondering how bodaboda riders are using his story to win beautiful women. For starters, Harmonize started his hustle in the bodaboda industry. He was a rider like any other bodaboda operator before he met Diamond.

His life only changed after he was introduced to Diamond. Thereafter he gained access to the celebrity world where he is probably achieving his dreams.

Bodaboda riders at the coast employ his story when seducing ladies. Some curious ladies are forced to find out more about Harmonize and how he related with bodaboda riding.

You will hear them say "unaniona sahi hapa kesho unaona nimekua level ya Harmo" (Today I might look poor but who knows tomorrow) when a beautiful lady passes by without greeting them.

"So that is the reason why this guy was using his (Harmonize) name to gain mileage over me? He kept on telling me to look at Harmonize after telling him he was not my type," said Nancy. 

She said one bodaboda rider plying Bamburi - Mombasa CBD route used Harmonize story to assure her that his life is not destined to riding.