(Kennedy Mong'are Okong'o was the first Nyamira Senator. He is also the National Liberal Party leader)

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After the settlement of election petitions at the Supreme Court recently, I raised valid concerns in my capacity as an advocate of the High Court of Kenya.

One of the things I cited as a person who understands the law very well and also as a politician is the role and the importance of the Supreme Court.

I did not agree on the jurisprudence and constitutional deliberations and judgment thereof just like many Kenyans.

I clearly stated that we should revisit whether we really need this apex court in the event we manage to have a referendum which I strongly oppose.

However, I have read and learned that a Kenyan has filed a petition for the removal from office of Chief Justice David Maraga, who is also the president of the Supreme Court.

I find this action, misplaced, wanting and myopic when one looks at the grounds for removal of CJ Maraga on the petition.

My suspicion goes to some crooked, known loud-mouthed legal practitioners who have been procuring favourable judgments at the courts for a dime.

But now that there has been a reversal of such procurements, the aggrieved crooked, rich lawyers are out to hit the Chief Justice with proxy propelled petitions.

How can one raise an imaginary ground on the ethnicity of the Justice and allege that most offices in the courts in Nairobi are run ethnically to the extent of "using" mother language as a tool of communication?

This to me is pure hogwash and a waste of taxpayers’ money in deliberating what could best be described as a malicious petition.