The family of retired President Daniel Arap Moi has broken silence on his health condition after he was re-admitted.  

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Family Press Secretary Lee Njiru on Monday said that it will issue an official statement on his condition on Wednesday. 

Njiru told The Star that the retired head of state is still admitted at the Nairobi Hospital. Today marks the 20th days since he was re-admitted at the facility.

 He also said that the retired president is being taken care of by a team of medics led by physician Dr David Silverstein.

 "Mzee is still in the hospital but fairing on well. We shall issue a statement on his condition on Wednesday. For now, we only follow the advice of the doctors," he said.

Njiru also said that there is nothing sinister about the health condition of Moi. He also warned Kenyans against spreading rumours that he is no more. 

Njiru said that the speculations on the health of Moi have been tormenting the family members. 

Moi’s health has been a subject of great concern to millions of Kenyans since he flew out of the country to Israel to seek treatment after he suffered knee complications.  

Kenyans from all walks of life have been wishing all the best.