On Thursday, Nairobi governor Mike Sonko halted construction of AVIC Towers in Westalands.

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According to Sonko, the building had encroached on private land. He alleged that the owners had bribed the previous regime to occupy the space.

Over nine Chinese workers at the site were also arrested and charged in court.

The development has led to mixed reactions from Kenyans.

@Phrade  @MikeSonkoFor that building to reach that height on waiyaki way and on public land where was the county gov't??? Those officials taking action now ,action

@kipronoabraham @MikeSonko is really fighting for integrity of Nairobi City County. Those building along Waiyaki Way ought to know that the look of Nairobi is the look of kenya. They should stop building on public land, Road reserves and "Liberian" lands.0 replies0 retweets1 likeReply  Retweet  Like 1 Direct message

@araptaru It has become stupid now and i dont think any investor will now be willing to invest in Kenya

@Sande @MikeSonkohow do you sit there and allow a project of this magnitude reach the level it has reached, and then wake up and decide it is 'encroaching on public land'...? @UKenyatta @CKirubi

@MangoPeter @MikeSonkoI listened to Ur leaked call recordings to @Waititu_Babayao & what surprised me most U refused to release the poor African contractors & was more than ready to realise the Rich owner of the building & U always claims Ur pro poor & a hustler was it sad!?

@Denimxii @MikeSonkoTAJ MALL!!! WESTON?..kwani mnaogopa tangatanga? stop diverting attention

@FrankMartial @MikeSonkoThis shows most lands in Nairobi county are not genuinely owned the people giving out construction permits should be investigated probably they are taking bribes to aprove the continuity of illegal buildings #let_reggae_continue