Body dysphoria is a condition that makes one hate a particular part of his or her body. The condition which erodes one’s self-confidence and ego has prevalence amongst children, adolescents, and adults and is responsible for gender identity crisis. This is especially when it involves dysphoria towards one’s genitals psychologically referred to as gender dysphoria.

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According to PsychologyToday, gender dysphoria involves strong and persistent feelings of identification with the opposite gender and discomfort with one’s own assigned sex which results in insignificant distress or impairment. 

The condition can make one hate the appearance of their genitals and impairs their intimate relations. In the case of women, one can view their sexual organ as being too large, too hairy, smelly and ugly in appearance. Affected men usually view their organ as too small and deformed.

Psychology Today explains that if untreated, the condition makes individuals become socially isolated and are more likely to fall into depression.  Affected individuals may also go to extremes such as performing own castration or penectomy. Some individuals can also engage in prostitution as a result of gender dysphoria thus risking contracting sexually transmitted infections including HIV.

Doctor Johansen Schrapff, a German psychologist at Mt. Limael Medical Institute, explains that gender dysphoria affects more women than men and is responsible for many women who go through genital cosmetic surgery just to make their genitals look beautiful.

He explains that the perception of one’s genitals as ugly psychological and is related to one’s sex worldview instilled from childhood. He says that the condition often affects people with normal genitals and one should consult a professional gynecologist for genital appearance concerns. This will help in identifying any issue whether physical or psychological for the appropriate referrals. 

Next time you view or feel that your genitals are too ugly, just consult a health professional as it could point out an underlying psychological condition.