Nairobi’s fast-rising music group Ethic popularly known as Lamba lolo crew has been dealt a big blow after all their music videos, including the famous lamba lolo were pulled down from YouTube by their manager on Wednesday.

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This caused a great disagreement between the group and their management team. 

Speaking to Citizen’ Edaily magazine on phone, their manager, Mwakitele Kitawi also known as Teleh Mani of the MYPE Entertainment revealed that the two (manager and the crew) will have to settle their misunderstanding before the videos are uploaded back to YouTube. 

“The matter is headed to the courts as we have already drafted our papers so I am not in a position to say much about it until it comes to an end. But if they perform any of those songs at any concert then it would only further complicate the issue for them,” said the manager. 

The two parties have had related fights in the past. In August, Teleh through his Twitter account revealed the frustrations and regrets he encountered managing the group. 

It seems the two had come to a working agreement only for the crew to mess up again. However, this time the management team has decided to resolve the pending issues through the court.