The director of criminal investigation has launched a fight with an aim to settle the controversial fraud cases of the Gakuyo properties.

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In a letter posted on their tweeter account, the general public who have been defrauded in the scheme and resides in Nairobi and Kiambu counties have been advised to report to the Director of criminal investigation offices along Kiambu road on the 18th this month.

The office of the director of criminal investigations have expressed their concern of the public defrauded land and has jump in to rescue in settling the matter.

The letter notifies the public on fraud complains received from the public concerning the; Gakuyo Real Estate, Ekeza Sacco limited and the Gakuyo investment club in the recent past actions.

Attached is a copy of the letter addressed to the general public.

The DCI urged those involved and stays in Nairobi and Kiambu counties to carry with them any documents that show any transactions taken on any of the listed properties as a way of providing fair and final judgement and peace settlement scheme.

Victims who live outside Nairobi and Kiambu will be called in a date to be mentioned later as investigations take root.