(Njogu wa Njeri is a columnist and a trained journalist).

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Dear Mr President,

Let us start by taking a short trip down memory lane.  

In 2013, upbeat Kenyans came out in large numbers to officially and constitutionally bring to an end the political era characterized by relatively aged heads of state. 

A radiant and promising future was beckoning – as they voted in a more youthful president whose utopian vision would help the country achieve its apotheosis. 

Fast-forward six years later, almost two years into your second and final term in office; Kenyans are incandescent with indignation and revolted by the spiraling corruption that has taken root during your reign. 

Kenyans are gradually accepting as the norm, the routine of having to bear with the loss of tens of millions of shillings as almost every daily newspaper has something to report on mega corruption scandals. 

However, deep down, they feel the sense of obligation to change the situation but their hands are tied, literally. 

It would be unfair not to recognize the good work that you have done and subsequently give credit to you. 

Under your leadership, several mega projects have been launched and more are still coming up. 

However, it’s human nature to search for a credible cause through naked eyes and fault-find through a microscope. 

On corruption case, it goes without saying that even the blind can see how the country is doomed if it is not addressed with the most stringent measures in the land. 

Perhaps the blame lies in the calibre of leaders that surrounds you – those in whom you have entrusted the future of this country, or maybe they don’t rate your style of leadership as firm enough to curb their voracious greed and ravenous appetite for public resources. 

It is high time for you to crack the whip, irrespective of who feels the brunt of your tough decision. 

Tens of billions of shillings are unaccounted for, and this is definitely not the legacy you want to leave nor does anyone want to christen your reign as the era of corruption. 

You have a reputation to protect and Kenyans’ interests to safeguard. 

Formulate and enforce rules that will make all government officials and public servants loathe corruption so much that integrity will be perceived as the cheaper alternative it is and corruption as the expensive alternative that no one should afford. 

The time to act is now. 

The clock is ticking, 2022 is fast approaching and Kenyans are keenly watching. 

Yours sincerely, 

A concerned citizen.