You suddenly start experiencing a headache in the middle of the night but since you can't get yourself some drugs from a chemist, you decide to use the antimalarial drugs prescribed for your brother, wife, friend and such which is a bad idea.

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The worst mistake you can make in this world is taking someone's drug which you don't know its effects on the body. 

You might think it is an anti-headache drug but you will later realize the drug has no effects on preventing headaches after developing serious health problems. 

Here are concrete reasons why using someone's prescription medicine is dangerous as highlighted by  as highlighted by Ed Zimney, MD, a physician. 

1. You might not know the drug's potential side effects

Some drugs have devastating side effects and it might cause some other conditions to a person not prescribed to it. You could experience heartburn, muscle, knee and joint pain. 

2. The drug might be dangerous for some people with different medical conditions

While the drug might cure the headache or give you a quick relief, it can cause more harm than good to your health. Certain drugs have been contraindicated, that's not everyone can take them because they may pose more health complications and damage your organs. For instance you had a kidney problem and the drug is contraindicated to people with the disease. You are apt to suffer after taking it. 

3. You might not know how to use the medicine

Not all drugs you can take at any time of the day. Some drugs need to be taken in the morning before having a bite while others during the day after eating. You might not be sure when the drug can be taken with food or not. It is risky and avoid this vice.