Every child is born with a hidden talent. Discovering a child’s gift is very important for every parent.

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This is how to know that your child is a genius;

Curiosity about the world

Raising a genius is not easy especially when they start asking questions about the world, they will ask questions about all the things around them and how they work or how they are made. Intelligent children will test the patience of their parents with their endless questions.

Detailed knowledge or interest in their favorite topic

These children will always have an interest in a certain topic and will know almost everything about that topic.

Preferring the company of adults or older peers

Gifted children will always prefer the company of people older than them where they can easily learn from them. These children will always be bored in the company of their peers. One way to help your child with this is through teaching them social skills and empathy.

Focus and determination

These children are not easily distracted when you give them a chore they do it to the end. They also determined to get everything right. 

Leadership skills

These children have a high level of maturity and usually organized which makes it easy for them to take leadership roles even when playing among their friends.

They are original

These children always show a high level of creativity and always like making original things apart from what they have learned.

They’re not perfect

Being a genius does not mean that you should always be right. Making mistakes has is always an important way of learning. The key is to provide balanced opportunities for them to learn and develop.