Life sometimes gives us hard knocks, blows and even subjects us to unbearable suffering.

We then tend to be hopeless, depressed and feel that God has forsaken us. 

Job, God's servant also underwent through hard, painful and unbearable times, but with his uncompromised faith in God and perseverance, God rewarded him abundantly. 

These are some of the lessons we ought to learn from Job's story and incorporate them into our lives when things seem tough:

1. Never lose hope and trust

Job, once the wealthiest man in his land, was struck by a calamity; he lost his possession, children, and had his friends mocking him. 

He made a profound declaration of his uncompromised faith in God, Job 1:20-22.

Despite the severity of the challenges we encounter, let our faith in God be bold.

2. We don't suffer beyond God's limit

In chapter 1 and 2, God let Satan torment Job but warned him(Satan) from taking Job's life, Job 1:12,2:6

God understands the degree of our endurance. Thus He cannot let us suffer beyond set limits.

3. God rewards all deeds(either wrong or good)

There are those who wholeheartedly serve God but are met with adversities, cruelty and suffering, yet others are known hypocrites in serving God, but they seem to thrive than those who truly worship God. 

Job observed this and proclaimed the fate of both the upright and the wicked on the day of judgement, Job 42:12

Whatever we do, let us be certain of its consequences