It is said that the road to success is always full of curves, loops and bumps that you will have to overcome. The same challenges are experienced by the upcoming artists with passions to get to the greater heights. 

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Speaking to an upcoming gospel artist at the University of Eldoret (UoE) Ibrahim Onyango popularly known as MOC, UoE's finest rapper, he shared some of the main challenges they face.

They include;

Lack of shows

The first difficulty that they encounter is a lack of show and support. Despite spending a lot of money on recording their music and shooting expensive videos, MOC says nobody believes that upcoming artists can make the crowd go crazy. 

Free performance

Sadly, after struggling and forcing their way to the big performance, the artists are never given any token of appreciation for the events that tickets were sold. 

“Even the Harmonize show that I did at the Eldoret Sports Club in front of thousands of audience who paid an entrance fee to come and watch us, we ended up not even receiving a dime,” the former Mr UoE recalls.

Shortest time on stage

Another major setback that is thwarting the growth of the artists is the time they are given to perform on the stage. The artists are always given the shortest performance time and sometimes only allowed to perform a song. 

According to MOC, this hinders them from showing all their potential and the ability to move the audience.

Therefore, as the 'big' artists fight to see Kenyan music being played locally, they should also consider supporting and fighting to ensure the capable upcoming artists also gets an audience. This will encourage them to produce the best music worth playing locally.