There is this man who has stolen your heart. He seems to be communicating something, but the message is not clear. Not all men are confident. According to, a shy man finds it hard asking a woman out. Here are 5 signs he’s scared to ask you out.

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1. He starts giving you too much attention

A man will give you too much attention if he wants to go on a date with you but he is afraid of saying the same. He hopes that you will take the hint. He can decide to call you for hours but will still shy away from opening up about his feelings.

2. He is unsettled when he is with you

If he loses his composure whenever he is around you it means he is scared of asking you out.  When a man is scared of asking a woman out he keeps looking at her and wondering where to start.

3. He becomes nice in a weird manner

Sometimes a guy can be too nice to the point of making you feel uneasy. This only means he is into you but is scared of telling you the same.

4.  He easily gets jealous

A guy who is afraid of telling you he has feelings for you will easily get jealous when he sees you with other men. He will start acting in a manner suggesting he is not happy when you hang out with other guys. For instance, he won’t be happy when you hang out with your male friends over the weekend when he also dreams of the same.

5. He keeps beating around the bush

A shy man will keep talking about different things instead of hitting the nail on the head.  This is just a sign that he likes you but is afraid of asking you out.