Kaiti MP Joshua Kimilu has said that issuance of title deeds will solve land wrangles in the constituency.

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Speaking on Thursday after consoling the family of two people murdered in Kilungu Kimilu, the MP said that if everyone has a title deed to the land he or she owns, then, the land disputes would be a thing of the past.

"Issuance of title deeds is a thorny issue that needs addressing fully. The title deeds will ensure rightful owners of the land are known, "said Kimilu.

He observed that in a bid to deter people from acting out of revenge, the courts should determine cases in the shortest time possible.

He lamented that some cases have taken decades in the courts thus, causing fights and deaths.

"We have heard fights and murders because of land disputes and more so in my constituency that has been the trend, courts must ensure cases involving land are solved within the shortest time possible," he said.

He spoke after two people were arrested for allegedly hacking a 70-year-old woman and her 50-year-old son to death.

The two families have been having a dispute over a piece of land for over 40 years.

The victim was attacked as he tried to access the said land after the court failed to rule in their favour.

Hivisasa got a chance to speak to neighbours of the deceased who explained what transpired.

"The woman Rosalia Munavu and her son Paul Kavai and her grandson arrived at the parcel to graze where a quarrel ensued and they were killed," Faustine Ngela, a neighbour said.

The land in question had been in dispute for 45 years and the case had been ruled in favour of Mbatha Kithuka.

However, the defendant had moved to the court to appeal.

The recent ruling happened in February where the granny won the case and well-wishers moved with speed to build her a one-bedroomed house.

However, she didn't manage to do so as the killings happened prior to her moving in.

The granny has been living with her co-wife's grandchildren for the last 40 years.

She noted that the family is in dispute with a wealthy person who has allegedly been trying to buy justice.

Those murdered were from the defendant's family where it is reported that they were on a mission to demolish the house built by well-wishers.

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