When you enter KTRH, the beautiful scenery and magnificent buildings speak nothing but serenity, care and diligence

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However inside the wards is absolutely another hospital far from the status of a referral. The wards are characterized by unattended patients, who not only haven’t been given appropriate medication but also are malnourished.

Isaiah Nyangaresi who has been admitted in the hospital since first says he regrets having been brought to the facility.

“I was involved in a road accident. I was brought here on first January at night. Since then the only thing these people have given me are paracetamols,” said a dejected Nyangaresi.

Mr Nyangaresi further observes, “we are compelled to share a single bed up to three people. Others have fractured bones making it very difficult even to move.”

The food served to the patients is wanting both in nutritional value as well as sanitation. The wards have another menace; flies. 

These deliberately ‘invited’ visitors cannot allow you take even a morsel of food. Not even a hyena with all her greedy can afford comfortably eating in this vicinity. The hygienic status of the lavatories is unspeakable.

These dilapidating conditions are summed up with the arrogance of some doctors and nurses and the lack of enough medicine where most patients are forced to buy for themselves from chemists owned by the doctors working in the very same facility.