Doing shopping for yourself once in a while isn’t bad so long as it is done mindfully. Excessive shopping might result in one turning out to be addicted. 

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Most of the people are addicted to shopping without their knowledge

Here are some of the signs that indicate you are addicted to shopping;

1. Spend more than the required budget

When one finds him or herself to always be shopping more than the proposed budget, that automatically shows that you are addicted. An addicted person always finds him or herself, giving themselves reasons for them to exceed their shopping budget.

2. Shop when stressed 

There is a group of those who use shopping as highlighting reliever. If you are of this type, then this automatically shows that you are addicted.  One should not use shopping as a mean of relieving him or herself from a situation that they might be going through.

3. Purchase a lot of obsessive 

It is common where one finds themselves tempted with cute items on the counter and wishes to purchase them. However, it becomes a habit when one doesn’t have self-control as they end up buying anything that attracts their eyes. If you fall into this category, then that proves that you are addicted to shopping.