Men are social-beings and are always deeply overwhelmed by love issues.

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Once they love, their thoughts are always swayed into the imagination of how to manage their love life and family life.

Unfortunately, some men are largely affected by their 'school of thought' (how they were being raised) which affects their love life extensively.

Here are some of the character traits of the men you should never engage yourself to date:

1. Liars

Men who are great liars never make a good relationship. They will always hide so many secrets from you. For example, his ambitions and dreams concerning your love with him are always hidden and known to him only.

2. Abusive

Gents who abuse women both verbally and physically never make a promising relationship. Such kinds of men always make you a slave of love to them. You will never be happy being with them.

3. Gives you secondary treatment

A man who cannot priorities you is always not likely to be ready for a serious and long-lasting relationship. Therefore, such guys can heart-break you when you are already deeply in love with him.

4. Kills conversations.

Guys who always end the conversations to excuse themselves will always make a relationship boring. A good relationship needs fun conversations between lovers.