Love makes everything brighten up and makes life to be worth living. However, despite the fact that no one gets into a relationship prepared for a sad ending things sometimes end south in a nasty break up.

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After a breakup, is it a good idea to get back with your ex if you are still in love with them? 

Hillary McBride, a psychotherapist and a researcher in relationship issues, offers insights into key issues that one should consider before reviving a smothered relationship

He suggests that one should ask themselves the following questions before patching things up:

1. Who is the ex?

Being a simple question, it calls for a deep analysis of the person you were in a relationship with before you decide whether or not to get back to them. 

Just ask yourself what the ex is to you or what he or she means to you. This will give a reason to want them back in your life.

2. Why did you break up?

People do not necessarily fall in love for a reason but there is definitely a reason behind every breakup. 

Unless you get the reason why you broke up in the first place, there is no way that you can prevent another break up in the future. 

3. Why do you want to get back together? 

Just as with a breakup, there is a reason why one decides to go back with an ex. McBride exposes the reasons behind wanting to get back together as being lonely, feeling differently about oneself or the other partner, or even difficulties meeting someone new.

4. Were the issues that led to breaking up resolved?

If the issues were never solved, they remain an active threat to your relationship even after making things up. 

Resolving past issues with an ex is a crucial step in ensuring that your relationship won't break apart again.