Relationships face many obstacles. One of the common challenges in relationships is infidelity. 

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It is common for workmates to date behind the scenes. 

Accepting the fact that your man or woman cheated is not easy. 

You need to understand that no one is perfect. 

However, only accept him back if he means what he says. 

Here are three signs he’s making sincere efforts after secret love affair at work:

1. He shows empathy

A sincere partner will show remorse towards you after the truth comes out. 

Your man will show that he cares about the way you feel after cheating at work. 

If he doesn’t show the willingness to change, then forget about him. 

Always show your partner empathy whenever you wrong him or her.

2. He tries to win your trust again

Trust is not easy to earn after having an affair with your boss or any other colleague at work. 

A loving man will work around the clock to ensure he gets back your trust. 

He will make all kinds of sacrifices to bring back happiness into your life. 

He will do away with everything that betrays trust in the relationship.

3. He avoids bad company

Bad company can cost you your love life. 

A sincere partner will avoid friends who can lead him to cheat. 

He will find new friends who will impact positively on your love life at the end of the day.