Many of us start relationships with goals, which keep us going. One of the major goals of a relationship among many lovers is for it to end up in marriage.

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However, not all relationships end as planned, some fail on the way. 

Sometimes the way they fail is so heartbreaking, some even kill their lovers, or expose all their weaknesses.

Nevertheless, there are things you have to accept if you want a successful relationship. These are:

1. Accept your differences

Having grown up in different families and environment, you cannot rule out differences. Learn to embrace each other's differences and accept them with no judgments.

2. Accept apologies

One does not need rocket science to know that human beings make mistakes in life, no one is perfect, for that, learn to say sorry as well as accepting apologies from your partner.

3. Accept both the bad and good

Happiness is a key factor in a relationship. For you to be happy, you should accept your relationship's ups and downs. Before you come up with ways of stopping bad things from happening, accept they have happened, then change them.

4. Accept your lover is right when you are wrong

One should not fight hard to win an argument, just agree he/she is right when you have realised your mistakes.

5. Accept you cannot change your lover

Let your lover be who he/she wants to be, do not force them to change who they are for you.