Former Kiambu Governor William Kabogo on Monday slammed two Chinese investors who were captured on camera fighting a minister in Uganda.

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Reacting to a video shared by Philip Etale on his Twitter account, Kabogo noted that if the behaviour by investors from China is not tamed, Africa will end up being a colony of the Asian country.

“If this goes on unchecked Africa will become a colony of China. Let them try here in Kenya, I’ll be at the forefront,” tweeted Kabogo. 

Kabogo posted two videos of a South African man narrating how Chinese are taking over the African continent and other black nations like Jamaica. 

The flamboyant politician who expressed his disappointment in the Chinese investors' actions argued that the two should be banned from Uganda and Africa as a whole. 

In the video, a Ugandan policeman can be heard telling the two Chinese men to stop fighting the minister.

This comes after the Immigration department in Kenya on Thursday deported a Chinese national after a video of him insulting Kenyans and President Uhuru Kenyatta emerged online.

Liu Jiaqi was deported on grounds of racism after his work permit was cancelled.