Most people associate hearing loss with aging. Although it is normal for the mind to shrink as one ages, your hearing is very important on your memory and apart from aging, it is more caused by health issues such as suffering from dementia among others.

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The ways in which your hearing loss affects the memory are;

1. Speech and language distortion

Hearing loss leads to negative impact to the brain in that the area of the brain that co-ordinates sound is affected and it starts to deteriorate leading to problem in speech and  language understanding. This accelerates loss of memory.

2. Acting under stress

When you subject your mind to taking in all what others are saying yet you are straining to hear them out, the mind will face cognitive overload since it will have less or no enough time to analyze all what is said.

The more you struggle to hear, the more the attention your mind will divert to different tasks and work out to help you understand and this reduces your mind's resilience ability.

3. Social isolation

Suffering from hearing loss isolates people from others. When you struggles to converse with others, you will be unwilling to socialize in groups or go out to meet new people.

This contributes to low self esteem and self confidence that results to different emotions that could impact negatively on your brain health. Being socially isolated has long been found as a risk contributor to cognitive decline.