A bright top candidate in Kitutu Chache south sub-county in Kisii during this year’s KCPE exams is appealing well-wishers to come on board and assist him further his studies.

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The 14-year-old Vincent Makworo,  a partial orphan, managed 423 marks from St Kevin academy in Mosocho and has been shortlisted to join Tenwek Boys High school come next year, against his wish of joining either Alliance or Lenana National schools. 

Vincent, who was orphaned earlier this year, has been receiving assistance from Mr Walter Omosa, a well-wisher during his entire primary education.

The needy teenager needs more than Sh 50,000 per year as school fees besides other requirements otherwise he will lose the opportunity.

Mr Walter Omosa, who has been assisting him said he was unable to further support Vincent's studies as he had exhausted all his resources.

“Vincent is a bright boy, well disciplined and loves sports, I wished to continue supporting him but unfortunately I have run out of resources,” he said.

The KCPE top performer wishes to do a medical course as his university option, something he has started doubting whether it will come to pass.

Currently the hopeless boy is doing “ mjengo work” in Kisii as a way of trying to pool resources together.