Conflict is looming between Rongai locals and a private investor over the ownership of Undugu Farm in Rongai, Nakuru.

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According to locals, who spoke to the media over the weekend, the former management of the farm had entered into an agreement to share the land with residents. 

“We were working in the farm and the former management agreed to give each one of us a parcel of land 0.4-0.9 ha but with the new management the agreement seems to have been ignored,” said a Mr. Lumumba.

The former employees,  majority a third generation, are now calling on the government to intervene and ensure justice.

The conflict has seen area Deputy County Commissioner Julius Kavita organize a meeting to help address the same.

According to the administrator, the land in question is a private property that cannot be invaded by public.

“This is a private property which should be respected. We cannot force the owner to give out land to the public,” said Kavita.

The sentiments were echoed by Frank Kimbelekenya from National Land Commission who called on the ex-employees to respect private property.

According to Kimbelekenya, the issue will be addressed through a titling process.

He was, however quick to note that the title deeds will only be given to those in the lineage of the 83 persons who were the initial beneficiaries.

“We have alternatives of addressing land issues. We as a commission will address the tussle by ensuring titling for the 83 initial members after analyzing the list,” said Kimbelekenya.

An issue the Undugu Farm Manager Hemish Grant said he is okay with.

According to Grant, the title deeds should be processed for the 83 members as per the law.

“We need to agree that there is no problem. What we want is for the 83 households to get their title deeds,” said Grant.