Mombasa Governor Hassan Ali Joho is among the wealthiest Kenyan politicians. This is evident with his flashy lifestyle and investments. 

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However, his achievement in life faults our meritocratic society that makes people believe that one only merits being rich through academy excellence.

Two days ago, Joho’s photo of what is believed to be his luxurious home were shared on Instagram. Joho is seen enjoying time outside a superbly finished white mansion. The house resembles few architectural designs you see in Hollywood movies. 

The compound house has a couple of balconies and well-maintained flowers. The exterior décor is also done in an admirable manner. The house is however, a hotel in Kilifi as established by VashMedia.

Sections of Kenyans admired his success while others condemned him for being boyish by flaunting his wealth. Others took this opportunity to hit at those who excelled in the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) but are struggling in life.

Accompanied by hilarious memes, several social media pages asked those who got A and A minus grades in the national examinations how they can be compared with Hassan Joho.

Photo/ Campus Life

At one time, the governor had a hard time explaining how he got a degree despite getting a D- in KCSE.