Opposition leader Raila Odinga, though not known to take part in any artistic activities, remains one of the most featured persons in most Luo songs.

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Probably because of the admiration he enjoys in the region, his big political name, brave leadership and political experience, he is mentioned in most Luo songs.

Second to him is Siaya Senator James Orengo who is also boasting in many features, in what Luos call 'chogo' (to mention).

However, it also appears like the musicians have been using the names of the two and other popular politicians to appeal to listeners and fans.

This with the consideration that most Luo music lovers are actually Luos, most of whom are again supporters of the two and their allies.

At the same time, they have indirectly given rise to a group of popular and rich musicians whose only job was to mention them in their songs and then shot to fame and then followed riches.

These include the likes of Onyi Papa Jey and Ous Jalamo whose campaign songs for Raila's 2007 and 2017 presidential bids made them big figures in Nyanza.

Therefore, the two leaders are being used as an elevation method for musicians from their Luo Nyanza bedrock.