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3 sayings that make Luos humble

Curtis Otieno
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Former Luo Council of Elders Chair (Ker) Riaga Ogallo. [Source/Eugene Wamalwa/ Twitter]

Luos are battling allegations of pride, claims that are not fully true.

According to them, they are humble, in compliance to Luo traditions which warn against pride.

Here are some of the traditional sayings that Luos refer to, to remain humble even when they have a reason to be proud.

1. Inind tung' inind diere

It loosely translates to 'you can end up on any side of the bed'.

The saying seeks to advise people against bragging and pride, as life is unpredictable and prone to changes.

Just like you lose control of yourself once asleep, you are not entirely in control of yourself in this life as there are many factors that can change it for the better or the worst.

Therefore, people should be humble to get support tomorrow just incase they suddenly need it.

2. Omoro mathuon ema ichuogo piene wuor

This one translates to 'its the brave rhino whose skin ends up being cobbled into a shoe'.

Though this animal is among the bravest and most capable, its at times best to eat the humble pie to remain safe.

Proud people always find others better and wiser than them, rendering them useless.

3. Chien okyany

Do not insult your roots or disrespect where you came from.

It seeks to advise people to observe respect and gratitude to the places or people who made them though they might no longer need them.

You never know what awaits you in the future and it will be tough falling back if your pride had made you disown your backyard.

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