Tanzanian singer Diamond Platnumz's alleged ex-lover Hawa, has revealed why the singer did not sire with her.

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Hawa, who made headline when she was featured by Diamond in his then hit song 'Nitarejea', has agreed she was dating Diamond during that period.

She however said that, unlike most Diamond Platnumz's ex-lovers, Diamond did not sire a  baby with her because they such like possibilities did not happen on her.

For starters, most of Diamond's ex-lovers broke up with singer after giving birth to his babies, talk of Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan who has two kids with the singer, Hamisa Mobetto who has one kid, and finally Kenyan media girl, who is already eight-month pregnant even before marrying the singer.

Hawa said that her love with Diamond ended before they could get child between them.

Speaking in a recent interview, she said that they lacked the opportunity to get a baby.

"We were not blessed to have a child, we were not blessed and everything has its time(Hatukujaliwa....hatukujaliwa na kila kitu kina wakati wake)," said Hawa when she was asked why she did not get a baby with Diamond, in a video shared on YouTube by Jicholauswazi on 1st August 2019.

Hawa added that her love with Diamond ended because everything ends.

"Normally everyone should accept outcomes, love comes to an end, you cannot force when it ends, and everything will eventually come to an end.(Kawaida mtu anakubaliana na matokeo, mapenzi yakishaisha yameisha, hamna ulazimu... kila kitu kina mwisho wake)," she added.

Diamond and Hawa started music almost at the same time. Unfortunately, her life took a 'wrong' turn when compared to Diamond. While 'Kanyaga' hitmaker is a big name in Africa, Hawa is still struggling music-wise.

She is currently trying to revive her music career with new heartbreaking song 'Kacheka' which talks about the hard life she went through all along.