Political scientistic Mutahi Ngunyi has claimed that the constitution gives Chief Justice David Maraga power and ability to dissolve Parliament.

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Speaking through his Youtube channel 'The 5th Estate', Ngunyi said that for the 2010 constitution to be fully implemented, 48 laws had to be passed in totality within a particular period.

"Our constitution is new and in order for us to migrate from the old constitution to the new constitution, a number of laws had to be passed. They were 48 in number and because of the importance of these laws to the new constitution the drafters of our constitution put in place a very tight roadmap," he noted.

The analyst says the constitution allows the Chief Justice to advice the President to dissolve parliament should all the 48 laws not be passed within the stipulated time and in that case, the President will dissolve the Parliament.

As at now, Ngunyi says 47 of the 48 laws have been passed by the parliament and only the gender law is yet to be passed. This refusal by the parliament to pass the gender law, he claims, is what CJ Maraga will use to dissolve parliament.

The High Court and the Court of Appeal had ordered the parliament to pass the gender rule but the order is yet to be implemented.