Welcoming a member of a family is one of the amazing feelings most parents experience. However, the best manner to take care of a little child especially for first parents can be a challenge. A breastfeeding mother can be filled with excitement as well as anxiety in feeding her baby.

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Here some of the myths about breastfeeding that are not true;

1. Breast pain is normal

A breastfeeding mother feels pain in her breasts for the first few days. The pain should not be normal since as the days go on, the pain fades. Pat Sternum a lactation counsellor says that prolonged pain needs medical attention from a skilled professional who might advise on handling the baby the right way leads to a painless latch.

2. Breastfeeding should come naturally

According to Dr Michele Griswold a lactation consultant and a breastfeeding researcher says breastfeeding is a skill just like other skills. For a mother to be proficient, it might take time, patience and persistence. Even though it can be frustrating, confusing and filled with a lot of difficulties at times, consulting a lactation expert will make it easier.

3. Small breasts do not make enough milk

The ability of a woman's breast to produce enough milk for her child is not dependent on the size of her breasts but buy the number of producing cells in the breasts. Breast size is dependent on the amount of fat in them that is not related to milk production.