Microwave is a machine that uses electromagnetic radiation to warm foods. 

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They make work easy by having your cold meals warm faster to relieve your hunger. However,  people are exaggerating the use of the microwave because they use it to things that are not supposed to be used there. Here are some meals that can never be put in a microwave.

1. Grapes

Grapes are to be eaten the way they are. Putting them in a microwave will make them explode and otherwise, it is the worst thing you can ever think of.

2. Vegetable

Vegetables are only suitable in a refrigerator for them to remain fresh but not a microwave.

3. Eggs

Putting eggs in a microwave to boil before eating them is the worst idea one can think of. A microwave will make them explode due to the high temperature.

4. Breast milk

Breastfeeding mothers especially those who go to work usually do this. They pump the milk and keep to be used while they are away.  This is however not advisable because it is not healthy to the baby.

5. Processed meat

Processed meat like sausages and hot dogs are not supposed to be microwaved no matter how. This can lead to the development of heart-related diseases.