Kenyan actress Lupita Nyong'o has left many amazed with her rapping skills. 

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In a video she posted on her Instagram account on Tuesday, Lupita left her audience cheering after she killed it with amazing rapping skills. 

Appearing for an interview at an American channel, Lupita got a chance to rap and she left even her host happy. 

“For the first time, Troublemaker came out to play with Jimmy & The Roots! Tonight!” she captioned the video. 

''Troublemaker in the building heeeey,'' reads part of her rap

 Lupita, who is the first Kenyan to win the Oscar award, is an actress and a model who has featured in a number of events and movies. 

She has grown to be a role model to many models in Kenya and the world at large. 

Lupita's name propelled when she appeared in the famous 'Black Panther' movie. 

The black-dominated movies which outlined the lifestyle of an African community set-up gave Lupita a chance to act a big role. 

Born to Kenyan politician Peter Anyang' Nyong'o, Lupita was born in Mexico City. By then her father used to teach in this city. 

She was then raised in Kenya during her early ages. 

She later joined Hampshire College in the United States where she attained a bachelor's degree in film and theatre studies.