Opposition leader Raila Odinga appears to be alone after his Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party lost in the Ugenya parliamentary by-election held on Friday.

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Some of his allies holding top elective positions especially in the Luo Nyanza region have been silent and did not take part in the campaigns which ran for four months.

Apart from Siaya Governor Cornell Rasanga who was seen in the campaign trail on countable occasions, the other three county bosses in the region were always missing in action.

Though Migori Governor Okoth Obado was automatically not expected to join after falling out with the former premier, Homabay's Cyprian Awiti and his Kisumu counterpart Anyang' Nyong'o have also not been seen to play any role in the campaigns.

Even now that Raila and some of the politician in the party are being ridiculed, the two are silent and not even a single one has come out in his defence or that of the party.

This raises questions on the sincerity of politicians and its rather interesting that they were always around him clad in ODM shirts as they sought the positions in 2017.

However, now that they are in their preferred positions, they seem no longer interested in party issues and apparently have no plans to come to the rescue of the man who crisscrossed Luo Nyanza campaigning for them.

Will they show up in the coming days? Only time will tell.