A gut-wrenching video of three uniformed and one ununiformed police officers manhandling a young man at the Kisumu Airport has surfaced on social media. 

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In the recent incident, the unidentified man is seen being forced off his bicycle by the police as he protests the arrest.

He is pulled off his bike, dragged away screaming and kicking as he protests his innocence, and is then pushed to the ground. 

The three officers overpower him as another officer takes away the bike. 

They then step on him as he cries out in pain. "Weka yeye pingu... Awache kucheza na sisi (Handcuff him... He should stop joking with us), " someone is heard saying in the disturbing video taken on a mobile phone. 

"Nimeguza nini! Nimeguza nini? (What have I touched? What have I touched?") he cries out to no avail as the police handcuff him.

Bystanders watch the spectacle unfold from a distance. 

It is not clear what the man did to warrant the brutality that was meted out to him by the officers who were armed with AK-47 guns. 

Those who shared the footage called on IPOA to take action on the rogue officers. 

Police continue to face growing criticism over brutality and excessive use of force.