Eating while standing is a common habit. People do it at weddings and parties. However, what we don't know is that this habit has a negative impact on our bodies. Similarly, drinking water while standing is also bad. Many individuals eat while standing as a means of saving time.  According to experts eating while standing has the following effects on the body. Here are some of the effects.

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Affects digestion. Digestion is automatically affected by your eating position. Eating while standing empties the stomach at a faster rate. The food settles in the intestines hence it is not absorbed by the body. Digestion issues arise because the intestine is under pressure. 

Overeating. Eating while standing increases chances of one over eating.  When you eat while standing food does not stay in the stomach. The stomach, therefore, remains empty meaning that you will add more to fill up space. Overeating will raise your calorie intake leading to weight gain.

A lady overeating.[Photo/Xen]

Bloating. Eating while standing leads to faster digestion. Generally, faster digestion is dangerous to the body. Nutrients are not absorbed immediately causing gas to accumulate in the stomach. The most affected food type is carbohydrates.