Pupils of St Catherine Kanunda Primary School in Kitutu Chache south are facing danger with the institution's latrines on the verge of collapsing.

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The institution is one of top public primary school performers in Gusii, with last year's top candidate scoring 381 marks. Of the 21 teachers, only three are male.

Madam Leonida Gichana, the headteacher of the institution, said in an interview that the school is yet to receive NG-CDF despite numerous applications in the last two years.

"For the last two years, I can say we have not received CDF despite making applications. We haven't received any feedback so far," she told the writer, Tuesday.

Our visit to the school's latrines shows a situation that could plunge the institution into a deep crisis which could even lead to possible deaths.

A parent who spoke in confidence says the latrines were built six years ago. Further, she argues, they are poorly ventilated further throwing lives of many children into risks such as bacterial infections.

"These latrines are poorly ventilated and make it difficult for girls to use them. They are adjacent to the highway, a further reason why girls shy away from using them," she said.

But area MP Richard Onyonka questioned the institution's utilisation of the funds from the ministry of education, adding that CDF does not built toilets.

"Let me ask you, where do they take capitation money from the Ministry of Education? CDF does not build toilets. The school head should be in a position to explain," he argued.

But according to the CDF Act, institutions are at liberty to apply money for emergencies, a regulation that makes it easy for schools to access money for such functions.

The institution's population is estimated to be 600. Since primary education is not yet devolved, the institution cannot get assistance from Governor James Ongwae's administration.