Residents in Nyali, Mombasa County are living in fear after crocodiles invaded their residential area.

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On Monday, residents reported crocodiles invasion in the posh estate, believed to have escaped from Mamba Village.

A security guard at Beach Road Estate in Nyali, Martin Ngoa, told journalists that he had heard a knock on his gate, only for him to find out that it was a crocodile. 

“When I came out to see who was at the gate, I did not see anyone. But when I got out, I saw a crocodile staring at me,” said Ngoa who spoke to Nation.

It is alleged residents have been spotting crocodiles in the village for the past two weeks, especially during morning hours when they are headed to the mosques for morning prayers or workplaces.

They could take photos and share on different social media platforms like WhatsApp among others.

The crocodiles are said to be from Mamba Village Park, which is owned by former Nyali MP Hezron Awiti.

“Recently, one of the residents heading to the mosque when he stepped on one and sent a photo to our WhatsApp group. When we came out we saw it hiding in a thicket,” said Katana, a resident.

However, Hezron Awiti, who acknowledged that some crocodiles have escaped from the pond, said it only happened so because there were renovations that had taken place on their pond.

A worker at Mamba Village, Ali Msafari, has alleged that they with help of KWS, have managed to secure the crocodiles back to the pond and the asked residents not to live in fear.

 "Am urging Nyali residents not to live in fear, there are no crocodiles in the estate (Naomba wakaazi wa Nyali, hakuna mamba yoyote yuko nje, msikae na uoga)" said Ali.

Kenya Wildlife Service Assistant Director Coast Conservation Area Arthur Tuda said his officers are in talks with Mamba Village owner to find out ways of dealing with the situation.

Here is the video